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The TerraGrip Self Anchoring Post

TerraGrip is a horizontally anchored post that will revolutionize your landscaping projects.

It's a solution as simple as 1,2,3!

TerraGrip's installation requires only a few simple tools and there's no need for deep digging or concrete.

Thanks to this unique concept that's been proven effective for over 30 years, the TerraGrip Self Anchoring Post is not affected by soil movement due to frost. Its adjustable base allows it to compensate for slants and other soil variations, ensuring a perfectly straight post.

You can adjust the height of the TerraGrip thanks to it's adjustable telescopic post. Tough and durable, it's an environmentally responsable choice.

TerraGrip is a simple, practical, aesthetic and economical solution for all your post installation needs.

Imagine all the things you can use TerraGrip for: clothes lines, surveillance cameras, antennas, lights and more!

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TerraGrip; easy, fast and very economical!