TerraGrip Self Anchoring Post Installation

  • Is the post difficult to install

No, this new pole installation concept was developed and designed for an easy installation that you can do yourself.

  • Can I install it alone? How many people are needed to install it?

The post can be installed alone but we recommend having two people do the installation.

  • What tools and equipment are required to complete the installation?

Installation of the TerraGrip Self Anchoring Post and it's base requires only a few simple tools including a spade shovel and an adjustable wrench.

  • Does the post require a concrete base?

No, the post is designed to be installed below ground at a depth of 30 centimeters (12 inches).

  • Is any heavy equipment required for the installation?

No, no heavy equipment is required to complete the installation of the post.

  • Will this installation cause damage to my lawn or landscaping?

No, seeing as there is no need for heavy equipment, this installation will not damage your lawn or landscaping.


  • Is the post designed to be installed above or below ground?

The base of the post is designed to be installed underground at a depth of only 30 centimeters (12 inches).

  • Will I need to dig?

Yes, light digging is required but only a 30 centimeter (12 inch) deep trench.

The TerraGrip Package

  • Does the TerraGrip package include all the components of the post?

Yes, the package includes all the parts and components required for the post's installation. Pulleys and clothes line cables are sold separately in the marketplace.

  • Do I need to purchase additional parts separately?

No, the package includes all the parts required for installation of the post in most kinds of soil.

Types of Soil

  • Can the TerraGrip post be installed in all types of soil?

Yes, there is a procedure and some recommendations for installation in unstable soil such as sand for example.

  • Can it be installed in sandy soil or organic soils such as black earth?

Yes, there are specific procedures to follow for these types of soil and they are clearly listed in the installation manual. If the procedures and instructions are properly followed, the stability of the post will not be affected.

  • Can the post be installed directly on a hard surface?

Yes, even though the TerraGrip Self Anchoring Post was designed to be anchored underground and not on a hard surface like pavement, concrete or rock, it can be installed on these types of surfaces using anchors. Contact us, explain your challenge and we will be happy to provide a procedure that will be suited to your particular situation.

  • Can the post be installed on an incline?

Yes, the base of the post is adjustable to accommodate different grades and inclines, up to 15 degrees. If the incline is greater than 15 degrees, the trench will need to be dug in such a way to compensate for the degrees of incline in excess of 15 degrees.


  • Is the post adjustable?

Yes, the base of the post is adjustable to different degrees of incline and its height is adjustable because the post is telescopic. There are two versions of the TerraGrip Self Anchoring Post available; 6 to 12 feet (1,8 m to 3,7 m) and 14 to 18 feet (4,3 m to 5,5 m).

  • Is the post designed to support more than one clothes line?

Yes, a double line kit is available and sold separately. You can even share the post with your neighbour!

  • If I move, can I take the post down and bring it with me?

Yes, it's one of its great features. At any time you can dig up the base, dismantle the post, move it and reinstall it elsewhere. If you plan to eventually move the post, please choose the galvanized model, it includes stainless steel hardware, makes for easy dismantling, even after several years of use.

Stability, durability and solidity

  • Does the post remain straight over years of use?

Yes, this is one of the posts most popular features. The TerraGrip Self Anchoring Post's unique design anchors the post to the ground rather than just setting it in it.

  • Can frost cause the post to move or dislodge from the ground?

No, the TerraGrip Self Anchoring Post marries itself to the movement caused by frost, remains anchored and returns to its original position when the soil defrosts.

  • Is it strong and durable?

The TerraGrip post is an innovative version of a post concept that we developed and have been producing for several decades. Its durability has been proven. Actually all the posts that have been manufactured in our facility and installed according to our installation instructions (some have been in use for over twenty five years) are still standing straight and have not become dislodged because of frost.

  • Is the post rust resistant?

Yes. The TerraGrip post is fully coated with a durable rustproof coating and wont rust for many years.

  • Is it better than a wooden post?

Thanks to its rustproof components, it is far more durable than a wooden post. It does not rot or rust and does not slant or bend over time like conventional posts often do. It is more effective and a better option than wooden posts.

  • Is the TerraGrip Self Anchoring Post solid?

The TerraGrip Self Anchoring Post has been subjected to rigorous solidity testing.

Environmental Responsibility

  • Is this an environmentally friendly product?

Absolutely. Since the installation of the TerraGrip post don't need any mechanical equipments, no carbon will be sent out in the atmosphere. If you plan to install the TerraGrip post for the use of a clothes line, the TerraGrip post is environmentally responsible. Fresh air drying is natural, does not harm fabrics, which helps preserve their colours and fresh air drying saves energy and energy costs.

I want one!

  • Where can I get the TerraGrip Self Anchoring Post?

The TerraGrip Self Anchoring Post and the TerraGrip product line are available in over 330 hardware retailers throughout Eastern Canada. Click here to find a retailer.