The TerraGrip Self Anchoring Post

The TerraGrip Self Anchoring Post is a simple, practical and economical solution for anyone wanting to do a long or short term pole installation. The uses for this steel pole are as unlimited as your imagination. For example, installing a solid and stable clothes line post has never been so simple.

TerraGrip's unique pole base design is an innovation in pole installation. Installing the TerraGrip pole requires only a few simple tools. There is no need for deep digging, concrete or heavy equipment that could damage your landscaping.

Clothes Line Post

The TerraGrip Self Anchoring Post's easy installation is not the only benefit that sets it apart from other options, the design of its base eliminates any movement or instability due to frost. Is your anchoring location uneven? TerraGrip's base can be adjusted to compensate for the slant and keep your post perfectly straight. Finally, your TerraGrip's post is adjustable in height as well thanks to its telescopic design. The components that make up the TerraGrip Self Anchoring Post were carefully designed and selected for their strength and durability.

Thank you for doing your part in preserving our environment by using environmentally friendly products like Atelier Pruno's TerraGrip Self Anchoring Post. Use our self anchoring post to install a clothes line post and experience the benefits and savings fresh air drying offers you and our environment.

Installing a solid and stable clothes line has never been so simple


Clothes Line Post